"We really try to find themes that are special moments: a moment in time that is a peaceful, calm moment."

Teresa & echo hopkins, founders of ordinary habit

Mother-Daughter Duo Behind
Ordinary Habit puzzles & more

There are the kinds of jigsaw puzzles you put together for the mental exercise, only to pack them back away in their box when you’ve finished, abandoned somewhere to gather dust. Then there are the puzzles by Ordinary Habit: Gorgeous objects featuring artwork you want to keep framed in plain view.

Ordinary Habit is the brainchild of mother-daughter duo Teresa and Echo Hopkins, who both love completing puzzles as a way to access moments of calm and connectedness throughout their days. They began putting puzzles out in their office and noticed how colleagues would gravitate towards them in moments where they needed a break. The duo firmly believes in the power of daily play, whether solo or with loved ones. “Doing puzzles helps with your memory,” says Teresa. “It’s really great for mental well being.”

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Why You’ll Love it

It just brings you this joy

Whether you're sitting down to a 100, 500, or 1000 piece puzzle, you'll love the calm found in finishing one of Ordinary Habit's beautiful works of art. 

Echo has a background in art history and artist management, and Teresa has a background in product design and graphic design, and the two were able to combine their talents with Ordinary Habit. The brand works with a collective of artists—making them perfectly in sync with the ethos of The Blackstones Collective—to create each piece of art which appears on their products. Teresa and Echo work with each artist to establish a color palette and a theme for the stunning artwork. “We really try to find themes that are special moments: a moment in time that is a peaceful, calm moment,” Teresa says.

We started putting puzzles out in the office and watched people gravitate towards them as kind of a mental break.

There's the bright, delicious oranges of Ramen Lunch, by Petra Eriksson; the cozy, homey vibes of The Wolf & I, by Angela Mckay; the intricate, detail-packed background in Wunderkammer Repatriation, by Ilya Milstein.

Each artist’s style is distinctly different, but what they all have in common is that feeling of a snapshot in time, a warm, wonderful feeling captured like lightning in a bottle to be shared with friends and family.

You're taking this chaos of pieces and you're organizing them and then when you're creating as you're going, you're noticing how beautiful the image is. 

Initially, Ordinary Habit only sold their puzzles online. But Teresa and Echo are both clients at Blackstones, and found the space to be a special and peaceful environment—exactly the vibe they’re aiming for with each of their puzzles.

“When we started hearing about The Blackstones Collective, it just seemed like such a perfect fit, especially because we’re a brand that focuses on curation,” Echo says. “The space itself is so welcoming,” Teresa adds.

Those moments of camaraderie shared in the hairdresser’s chair, that time taken just for yourself—that’s precisely what Ordinary Habits captures in their unique puzzles.