"If the hair is not funny, the look is not right."

Lynn Yaeger, Contributing Editor at Vogue and vogue.com

Celebrated journalist with biting wit and iconic style

It’s a rare distinction to be instantly recognized by the uniqueness of one’s hair. Meet Lynn Yaeger. A true original with an admirable and unwavering commitment to her personal iconic style. With a career in fashion that spans over three decades, covering the fashion shows of the world’s most famous designers, leave it to Lynn to promote an obscure, Etsy-find as her featured product. But if these hair clips hold back the cropped locks of Lynn Yaeger, we’re in. 

Why You’ll Love it

Comfy, yet grippy velvet clips in pretty colors

Hello Tartlet Velvet Clips firmly, yet gently hold hair in place. Intended for children’s delicate hair, the clips are covered all the way in velvet (including the underside) to make for the most comfortable clips that truly hold even the finest hair. 

The first thing you notice about Lynn Yaeger is everything. She is maximal visual impact. With flaming red hair blunt-cropped into a doll-like bob, exaggerated cupid’s bow lips paired with rouge-dotted cheeks and voluminous layer upon layer under vintage fair isle sweaters – the effect is unmistakably Lynn. The second thing you notice is her distinctive voice. One that espouses honesty and delivers scathing wit, but also imparts kindness and warmth. Despite being a celebrated fashion journalist revered by street style photographers the world over, Lynn possesses a thoughtfulness and realness, the sort that remembers your kids’ names, and asks how they are really doing. When Joey cuts Lynn’s signature bob, you see an unmistakable connection between these two kind-hearted misfits. Both were self-reportedly terrible students, who eventually excelled in careers rooted in creativity and self-expression. 

While many have written about Lynn Yaeger’s iconic bob, how does Lynn herself describe her hair? Honestly, of course. “This hair has two modes. Precise and a big fat mess.” Joey’s intention with Lynn’s hair is to cut it “almost like a little girl had cut a doll’s hair.” To which the fearless writer gushes “Isn’t it cute?”

This sweetly acerbic, legend-in-her-time has spent decades critiquing fashion shows, and has some blunt, yet constructive advice for people like her. “I feel like if you’re an older person who wears kinda funny clothes like I do, where it falls down for a lot of people is the hair. The hair needs to be funny. If the hair’s not funny - the look is not right.” Lynn Yaeger – she’ll spare no feelings, and tell it like it is.